Find a Go Kart Track
in Panama City Beach

You can find a go kart track in Panama City Beach to suit many and varied tastes. It is amazing how many different go kart experiences you can have.


Hidden Lagoon Super Track

  • Longest Track in the Area
  • Also Two Mini Golf Courses

    Hidden Lagoon TrackIf you're looking for a long track, you'll want to go to Hidden Lagoon Super Track on Front Beach Road. The track is located behind the mini golf courses and purports itself to be the longest track in NW Florida. It is 9/10 of a mile long and you pay by the lap.


    Cobra Adventure Park

  • Three Level Wooden Track
  • Cobra Kids Carts
  • Also Handicap Accessible Mini Golf, Arcades, Batting Cages, Thrill Rides and Kiddie Rides

    CobraThe track at Cobra Adventure Park is a three level wooden track. If you like the levels and hills, you won't be disappointed. Cobra Kids Karts is among the kiddie rides available by the arcade.


    Emerald Falls

  • Three Level Wooden Track
  • Concrete Formula Track
  • Grand Preschool Kiddie Track
  • Also Two Mini Golf Courses, Alien Arcade, Bumper Boats and Kiddie Rides

    Formula TrackThe Vortex at Emerald Falls is also a three level wooden track. They also have a Formula track. This track is a smooth concrete track in more of a double figure eight configuration. The contrast between the Formula Track and the Vortex gives you two very different go cart experiences. Emerald Falls also has the Grand Preschool Kiddie Track for children.


    Indy Speedway

  • Oval Track
  • Also Slingshot Thrill Ride and Bungee Trampolines

    Indy Speedway Bungee TrampolinesIndy Speedway on Thomas Drive has a small oval go kart track. You can pay for twenty or thirty laps at a time. The real attraction here is really the slingshot. It has a camera right on the chair so you can get a DVD of yourself after your thrill ride. They also have bungee trampolines.


    Super Speed Fun Park

  • Multi Level Asphalt Golden Gate Track
  • Speed Track with Kiddie Cars Available
  • Slick Track for Cool Driving Conditions
  • Dragsters for the Thrill of Acceleration
  • Grand Prix Track
  • Also Sky Flier Thrill Ride, Bumper Boats, Blacklight Mini Golf, Haunted House and Arcade

    Kiddie Cars on Speed Track at Super SpeedSuper Speed Fun Park has the most go cart tracks. Golden Gate is a multi level asphalt track that looks like the Golden Gate Bridge at the top. The cars go about 20 miles per hour. Speed Track is their oldest track. It's right in front by the bumper boats and also has small cars available for children. Slick Track is right in front of the arcade. It is a simple oval, but they add baby powder to the track for the slick driving conditions. The Dragsters will go 50-70 miles per hour. It's a really short ride with the thrill of acceleration. You must have a drivers license to do the Dragsters. Finally, behind the blacklight mini golf and haunted house is the Grand Prix track that has cars that go 25 miles per hour.

    As you choose the go kart track experiences that would be most fun for your family, you may find that you wish to try more than one place. Cobra and Super Speed are right by each other on Front Beach Road. Indy Speedway and Emerald Falls are not too far apart on Thomas Drive. Hidden Lagoon is quite a bit further West than all the others.

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